Kudos to You

The four points of our logo represent our four stakeholder groups.

The four points of our logo represent our primary groups of stakeholders-patients, physicians, employees and communities. We regularly ask for important feedback from these groups, made up of all of you, to gauge how we are progressing as an organization and to invite you to be active participants in the development of Reston Hospital Center. We gather your input through tools like the Employee Engagement Survey, HCAHPS, Physician Satisfaction Survey, NDNQI, etc. We have received some outstanding results from two of these feedback tools that warrant kudos being given to you!

National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI)
This survey allows our nursing staff to measure itself against other non-teaching facilities across the country.

Not only did we improve in all areas measured, 86% of our nursing staff participated in the survey. This is the highest level of participation in 5 years and well above the national average!

Special congratulations to the NICU, Surgical and Pediatric units that had 100% participation from their staff. Following closely behind is PCU with 97% participation and Medical with 96%.

Kudos to the Reston Hospital Center nursing staff for taking an active role in improving their organization.

Physician Satisfaction SurveyThis survey allows our medical staff to give feedback on how they feel about Reston Hospital Center.

  • Over 95% of the physicians surveyed rated the Quality of Care as “Very Good” or “Excellent”
  • Over 95% of the physicians surveyed rated RHC as a “Very Good” or “Excellent” Place to Practice Medicine
  • The percentage of physicians who rated our Nursing Care as “Excellent” increased 4.2% from 2009’s survey
  • See more detailed results from the survey here.

Kudos to everyone at RHC that makes our hospital a place physicians enjoying working.

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