Will Tim’s Take Live On?


Tim was the first to admit that he was skeptical about writing a blog.  Would anyone really want to read the thoughts of the CEO?  As it turns out, they did.  The success of Tim’s Take was a huge surprise and communicated clearly that the patients, employees and physicians of RHC wanted to know what was important to their CEO.

That message was not lost on the leadership team so Tim’s Take will live on as Our Take. Your Hospital.  The blog will continue to be a source of information, inspiration, education and recognition.  But instead of only hearing the CEO’s perspective, you will get to peek inside the heads and hearts of the whole leadership team.

 So tell us…what do you want to know?

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2 Responses to Will Tim’s Take Live On?

  1. Fran Gebhardt says:

    I like hearing the stories the good, bad and ugly of all the Reston Hospital employees.patients and staff. The blog gives a sense of community. It also gives you a good insight of what management is thinking and where we are going as an organization.

  2. Alisa Rooney RN-BC says:

    I would love to see each unit in the hospital highlighted in some way. It is so interesting to learn about all the wonderful, exciting advancements and care that is happening here. We all live in our own small worlds
    (unit based), so it would be really interesting to hear what everyone else is doing!

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