Recognizing the Founding Employees of Reston Hospital – Spotlight Meggan Klippen, RN, MSN, CEN, CEPN

Tim: What made you choose to come to Reston Hospital Center 25 years ago?Meggan: I came here because I lived in Reston and worked at Fairfax Hospital for 14 years.  The commute was getting much worse and they started charging for the toll road so I had to starting paying to drive. 

Tim: What was your first impression of Reston?
I worked the first night that it opened and we had two patients in the hospital.  Coming from Fairfax where I was rounding 585 beds, I didn’t know what I was going to do all night.  However, I got to know all the staff.  I remember we opened in November and I was called in Christmas night because the medical unit was overflowing and there wasn’t enough staff.  We ended up having the Director of Nursing come in as the medication nurse for the 19 patients.  It was hard to find someone to even watch the telemetry monitors. 

Tim: There have been a lot of nursing shortages over the years and I am sure you could have gone to another hospital. 
Why didn’t you?
What is nice about this hospital is that everyone is friendly and community oriented.  It is like a family.  Having been a supervisor in the past, I know over 50% of the staff that are here.  I think it is important to have meaningful relationships at work since we spend so much time away from family.  I still have that great 3-minute commute.  After the hospital opened, I went back to Fairfax for a short period of time because I felt that I was missing something.   I only worked there for 6 months and I realized that Reston met all my needs so I came back.

Tim: What is your favorite memory from your years at Reston Hospital Center?Meggan: The surgical unit night shift staff had Craft get-togethers where we crocheted Christmas bears and hung them in the unit.  After the season we gave them away to the staff.  We still have dinners together.

Tim: If you could change anything at Reston Hospital Center, what would it be?Meggan: We need to improve the speed of the hiring process and stay ahead of the nursing needs in the ER.  It would be great to somehow reward the people who are at work in some non-monetary way.

Tim:  You probably know I am leaving Reston Hospital…So just between us friends — What is your honest opinion of our Chief Nursing Officer, Cindy Glover?
She has a very open door policy.  She is so easy to talk to about anything.  She has a good understanding of what is going on in nursing and I think she has the nursing interest as a priority. I like her new hair style.  She is even more beautiful now than ever.

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One Response to Recognizing the Founding Employees of Reston Hospital – Spotlight Meggan Klippen, RN, MSN, CEN, CEPN

  1. Denise Sardo says:

    While I know that Meggan has a history with many staff members here at Reston. I am proud to say that she is a great asset to the Emergency Department. Both patients and staff, especially the newer staff, benefit from her knowledge and compassion.

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