Running for Hope

Holly Norris, Reston Hospital Center’s EVS Director, is one of those people who is consistently the first to volunteer for every cause that serves those in need.  This week was no different.  She ran a marathon in Nashville to raise money for HCA’s Hope Fund which helps HCA employees and their immediate families who are affected by financial hardship. This includes disaster, extended illness/injury, domestic violence, death of a loved one, and other special situations.  I asked Holly to share a few thoughts from her experience.

“This was my 28th marathon, and I still get excited about all the people, the race, and can’t sleep the night before. It’s inspiring to know so many people train, raise money, and come together for such a great cause. I also feel blessed to work for a company that unites to help its employees. I didn’t run one mile without seeing a Team HCA shirt. 

I felt like I was doing fine, even though my lower back was killing me from about mile 5. Then at mile 14 John Steele (HCA’s Sr. VP of Human Resources) started running beside me. I remembered him saying that he doesn’t train for the marathon, he just runs it. I started to think maybe I was in trouble. That’s when I slowed down and took two Tylenol I had stuffed in my pocket. They didn’t help. Besides lower back which I suffer from now and then, I was fine. No muscle pains or blisters, so I can’t complain.

I headed to Nashville with 35,000+ strangers and left feeling connected with them all. I met a lot of wonderful folks and reunited with many familiar faces from previous years.   At the end of the day we did it. Already this year the Hope Fund has given out over $ 400,000 to assist fellow employees. “

You can learn more about the Hope fund by visiting www. .
I encourage you to consider giving as it really makes a difference.   Congratulations to Holly Norris … for always inspiring us to make a difference.

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3 Responses to Running for Hope

  1. Mary Ganger says:

    Holly’s energy and willingness to volunteer for the hard things as well as the fun things is an inspiration to us all –as is all her work with sustainability and going GREEN!

  2. Cindy Glover says:

    Holly is unbelievable in both her work ethic and volunteerism. I am really going to miss her when she leaves!

  3. Gina Bohn says:

    Holly, Thanks for representing RHC at such a terrific and worthwhile event!

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