Being Recognized Matters

Manju Sangruala, R.N.; Tim McManus, CEO; Mary Burger, Volunteer
*Not pictured: Paul Tudder, M.D.

If you are like me, you may have become a little numb to the barrage of award and recognition ceremonies on TV and in the print media. However, there is one award that touches us close to home because it impacts our workplace and our community. The Frist Humanitarian Award is named in honor of one of HCA’s founders, Dr. Thomas Frist, in recognition of his caring spirit and philanthropic work. Established in 1971 the award honors outstanding individuals for humanitarian and volunteer activities. Last week we presented the annual award to three individuals – a physician, an employee and a volunteer.

Physician: Many of Dr. Paul Tudder’s patients express how compassionate he is as an OB/GYN physician and routinely recognize him as a man of integrity, kindness and empathy who goes above and beyond to treat them. Dr. Tudder has been recognized as a Top Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Washingtonian magazine’s list of Top Doctors. His philosophy on patient care centers upon a compassionate and humanistic approach to his specialty. He embodies a physician who is a source of information for patients, enabling them to take an active role in decisions affecting their healthcare. It only takes a few moments of speaking with him to understand why he is so highly regarded.

Employee: Manju Sangruala is a Registered Nurse on our Mother Baby Unit who, outside of her full time job, volunteers as the Executive Director for the Basic Free Medical Clinic. The clinic is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to provide medical services to the uninsured Nepalese in the Washington metropolitan area. To make this clinic work she has enlisted many physicians to volunteer their time to serve these patients. She also sets up health fairs throughout the year so women have access to annual preventative screenings, such as mammograms. One of her nominators said “she is the most organized, efficient and committed volunteer I have ever dealt with.” The viability of this free clinic is dependent, to a great extent, on her dedication and tireless commitment to the clinic patient.

Volunteer: Mary Burger is one of those people that exude warmth and compassion with her smile and infectious laugh at Reston Hospital Center’s Pavilion entrance. She is often exactly what our patients need when they are coming here for their healthcare needs. She is a long-time resident of Herndon and participates in many community activities. She is a true volunteer who gives of her time freely and loves every minute of doing it. Never one to say “I’m too tired;” Mary Burger just sees a need and jumps right in with a smile to help.

Congratulations to these winners. It was difficult for the review panel to pick one individual in each category as we are in the fortunate position at Reston Hospital Center to have countless people that embodied the values and core values of Dr. Frist. Thank you all.

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4 Responses to Being Recognized Matters

  1. Holly L. Norris says:

    Congratulation! You three are caring and giving, and we appreciate the work you do every day.
    I can always count on Dr. Tudder to smile and give a friendly greeting.
    I can always count on Manju Sangruala to be helpful and friendly.
    I can always count on Mary Berger to care about the hospital appearance and to help keep it clean.
    I can always count on you three to have compassion. Congratulation again, its people like you three that make Reston Hospital Center so special. Thank you!!!

    • Marilyn Crowe RN, CCRN says:

      Congratulations! They are well deserving of such a prestigious award!!!!
      keep up the good job!

  2. Sara Short says:

    Congrats to all of you! You are truly our role models and our shining stars!

  3. Alisa Rooney RN-BC says:

    We are so very lucky to have so many caring and devoted employees and volunteers as exemplified by these three Frist award winners. The wider community benefits as well! Congratulations to all three!!

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