From Tragedy Comes Compassion

Through the blog, I often talk about stories of compassion.  Unfortunately, sometimes the best examples of compassion rise out of tragedy. I am sharing the following story with the permission of the employee. 

A few weeks ago one of our Environmental Services (EVS) employees was going above and beyond the call-of-duty to assist a couple in the surgical waiting area. The couple was very upset and had been crying.  They asked our employee where the cafeteria was located so they could get a meal.  Instead of just pointing them to the cafeteria, she made the compassionate decision to bring them two trays of food from the cafeteria.  I am sure this small act of kindness made a lasting impression on this family in need.  

But that isn’t the end of this story.  Later, during her shift, our employee was notified that her husband had been brought to our emergency room with a significant medical emergency where he tragically passed away.  In shock, she didn’t want to go home. Her fellow co-workers rallied around her to offer their support in this challenging situation.  We are fortunate to have countless employees at Reston Hospital Center (RHC) who react the same way. When one of our colleagues is in need we routinely jump in to help console each other through the trying times. The EVS employee took a few weeks off and amazingly insisted on coming back to work where she was surrounded by friends and serving others.  This employee epitomizes our core value of compassion. She exemplifies the heart of our team at Reston Hospital Center.  We are lucky to have her and it is comforting for her to know that the whole team is behind her supporting her through this trying time.

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One Response to From Tragedy Comes Compassion

  1. Sue Schwartz says:

    I am not surprized at all with the wonderful support she received. I have only been here 5 years but this is my “work” family…people you love, need, fight with, support and cheer on. We all know each others’ personal struggles, and wins and I feel very lucky to be here!

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