Ready to Serve Loudoun County’s Emergency Medicine Needs

StoneSpring Free Standing Emergency Center

I am frequently asked about our planned expansion in Loudoun County because, if you have driven there lately, the population is rapidly growing and with that comes the need for more healthcare services. In response to this demand, we recently announced the development and construction of a $10 million Free-Standing Emergency Center in Loudoun County.  This center will be built on our future StoneSpring Medical Campus, a 50-acre site located at the intersection of Gum Spring Road and Route 50.  Groundbreaking is expected in the summer of 2012, and the facility is scheduled to open mid-year 2013.  On that same site, HCA Virginia has been awarded a Certificate of Public Need to build 164-bed StoneSpring Medical Center.  The hospital is scheduled to open in December 2015.

StoneSpring Emergency Center will have 12 bays and house a CT scanner and other technology needed to diagnose and treat patients with moderate to serious injuries and illnesses. Like a hospital emergency room, the 9,600-square-foot facility will be open 24 hours a day, staffed by physicians, nurses and other caregivers.  Our expectation is that we will create another access point for patients to be seen quickly with the highest quality care.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this expansion of ER services in Loudoun County

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2 Responses to Ready to Serve Loudoun County’s Emergency Medicine Needs

  1. Gina Mitchell says:

    StoneSpring is in a great location and I look forward to having it near my home and local community.

  2. Jennifer Legler says:

    I don’t live anywhere near this site, but my husband and I (having lived in Northern VA for 38 and 34 years respectively) often laugh at how other local hospitals said there was not need for the Reston Hospital, that there weren’t enough people to use it, etc. We knew it would be convenient, but had no idea how often we would use its services, and the many professional services affiliated with it. Conversely, we laughed at the concept of having a downtown Reston, and were proved wrong on that one.

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