Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the hard work that each of you are doing to care for our ever-increasing patient volumes at Reston Hospital Center.  We saw record admissions, surgeries and visits in 2011 and January 2012.   Just to give some perspective, October 2010 was the first month in our history that we had 1,000 admissions.  We have consistently exceeded that threshold most months since then.  In fact, we saw our highest admission rate ever in January 2012 with 1,117 admissions (that is a 23% increase compared to January 2011).  At the same time the number of births increased by 28% and the number of inpatient surgeries increased by 15%.  None of this could have been accomplished without your commitment and dedication to our patients, our physicians and this hospital.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

In light of this growth we are working through a series of steps to best support our employees and our patients:

  1. We have revamped and streamlined our recruitment process to more rapidly post open positions and recruit  highly qualified applicants.  Adding strong staff members to our team is a top priority.
  2. We are investing in new and improved information systems and technologies (such as Pyxis and Meditech upgrades) to streamline our care patient care model.
  3. We are fast tracking several LEAN projects to positively impact operational effectiveness and efficiency with a specific focus on improving the throughput process for patients from the ER and OR to their inpatient rooms and ultimately through to discharge.

 As a patient or an employee, what opportunities do you see for us to improve how we provide or receive great care at Reston Hospital Center?

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2 Responses to Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  1. Holly L. Norris says:

    Everyone is doing a great job working together on patient care and customer service. As we all know, when everyone is busy the small things that comfort patients take extra effort. I think as managers and leaders, we have to do a better job at making sure our staff get a moment (time out) during hectic periods. We also need to make sure we take time to re-energize ourselves. In addition, we need to create an environment where staff can have fun. This will help them deal with the difficulties and stress of our work environment. This may be something as small as a walk around the hospital, to the gift shop, Walgreens, coffee shop, checking out the physical fitness center, or the meditation room. Having fun at work can consist of simple activities, such as staff wearing their favorite sports jersey on Fridays, wearing colored beads, theme scrubs or pins, having a theme decorative staff lounge, giving monthly off-beat awards – best smile of the day, or even having a fun board. Patients may even get a little chuckle from us. Research shows when people have fun at work they are more productive, so many organizations have started “Fun Committee,” which only focus on ways to make challenging work environments fun. The point being, we need to help our staff and ourselves balance the day-to-day stressfulness while brining a little fun into our work environment.

  2. Charmaine Bushrod says:

    Working weekend nights as the Nursing Supervisor, I truly appreciate the efforts from all the staff especially the charge nurses who help make the shift run smooth.
    Thanks to every one of YOU who make it happen!!

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