Day 5: Excellence

This week we’re talking about the hospital’s recently updated core values. We now have an easy acronym, which should make sense for anyone in our hospital—I CARE. It stands for Integrity, Compassion, Advocacy, Resourcefulness and Excellence.

In addition to revamping our values, we also updated our vision statement. We thought it made sense to think about where we’ve come in the past 25 years, and where we truly want to be in the next 25, and beyond.  The vision statement – To be the region’s preferred healthcare provider has been updated to more accurately reflect our current culture –To become a nationally recognized community hospital driven by a passion for clinical excellence and unparalleled customer service.

Today, I’ll elaborate on our final value, excellence:  The hallmark of the care provided at Reston Hospital Center is excellence.  We have never been about just getting the job done, rather, focused on getting it done in a way that people remember.  This includes both our clinical outcomes as well as our customer service interactions.

How does excellence play into your day-to-day, here at Reston Hospital Center or elsewhere? Is there a specific person (or act) that truly exemplifies excellence here at work? What about outside the hospital, what are some other organizations or groups that make excellence apparent in their work?

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2 Responses to Day 5: Excellence

  1. Sara Short says:

    Excellence means going above and beyond and doing it every chance you get.
    I am struck every day when I make discharge phone calls by how our nurses impact our mom’s, their babies, and their families in such a positive way. Every day I hear from patients that they “loved” their stay, that our nurses are excellent, and that they can’t think of anything on which we can improve (of course, we’re always looking for ways to improve!)
    It’s a wonderful thing to work as part of a team whose goal is excellence!

  2. DBellBlogger says:

    A quote about excellence I really like is:
    “Excellence can be obtained if you:
    …care more than others think is wise;
    …risk more than others think is safe;
    …dream more than others think is practical;
    …expect more than others think is possible.”

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