Day 4: Resourcefulness

We’re in the home stretch of sharing the hospital’s recently updated core values.  The values follow an easy acronym, which should make sense for anyone in our hospital—I CARE. It stands for Integrity, Compassion, Advocacy, Resourcefulness and Excellence. So far we’ve gone over Integrity, Compassion, and Advocacy. Today we’ll talk about Resourcefulness.  

Today, I’ll elaborate on our fourth value, Resourcefulness.  We need to make sure we use all of our resources really wisely.  Whether it is in our personal lives or our business enterprise, resources always have limits so it is important that we continually re-prioritize them.  These resources include the skills and talents of our people as well as our financial resources.  In the recent year, we have invested significantly into both of these areas. 

How does resourcefulness play into your day to day, here at Reston Hospital Center or elsewhere? Do you have a great example of how better utilizing resources saved you time, money, or some other commodity—at work or at home? Has being more resourceful helped you be “greener”?

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4 Responses to Day 4: Resourcefulness

  1. Great post, Tim. I am going to tweet about it!

  2. Holly L. Norris says:

    When everyone is great about optimizing what we have to work with, then we not only spend less time on tasks, but we waste less which make us more sustainable (Greener ). This is apparent in the outcomes of the many Lean projects around the hospital. Thanks to Ben and others there have been many Lean projects to include the OR operations, hospital linen usage, Surgical patient admitting process and staffing, and the bed tracking process, which Ryan spent numerous hours working with numerous individuals from ER to Environmental Services. These initiatives not only saved numerous resources, but also reduced a lot of paper waste, which helped us be greener. Most importantly these initiatives improved customer service which improved our patient’s experience. There is nothing more meaningful.

  3. DBellBlogger says:

    When gas prices were soaring this summer I took advantage of my ability to walk to work. From July until October I walked 18 minutes to my job, saved a ton of money, got exercise, vitamin d from the natural sunlight, and did my part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to boot!

    Most people don’t have the luxury of living 3 minutes by car from their jobs. Being resourceful is such a broad topic. Discovering and utilizing the hidden talents of people in your immediate environment could provide a fabulous opportunity to be resourceful and green. Saving time, effort and energy.

  4. Sara Short says:

    Thanks for the inspiring words at your Town Hall!!!!
    I’ve been here at RHC for a very long time..almost all of it’s 25 years.. and I have to agree with you. We are at a tipping point. I feel it more and more every day with all of the great work we are doing around the building…placing our patients at the center of our care….demonstrationing compassionate excellence every day. It is a very exciting time to be a part of this organization. Building a culture of excellence is what we are doing here and it is so exciting and inspiring to watch it happen! Thanks again Tim!

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