STARS — Caught in the Act

Barry Hopkins, one of our STARS

When I returned to work after the holiday break, I entered Administration to find a stack of nine employee recognition cards (part of the STARS  “Caught in the Act” program) under my door.  All nine cards were from one family and were actually written by the daughter of one of our elderly patients. Each card went into great detail sharing the compassionate service provided to her father by our employees.

The recognition highlighted the patient’s experience throughout his care, which included stays in a number of our units.  They talked about Dominique Jacquet, Jun Huang, and Ricki Rovey in the PCU, who all showed competence, a helpful and positive attitude, a gentleness to their touch, patience and kindness.  One mentioned Nana Serwaah on the fifth floor who showed great respect and attentiveness to his needs.  Another one talked about Barry Hopkins in transport who took extra time with the patient’s lunch despite being very busy.  One was written about Dr. Karim Trad who delivered great results through the surgery.  In another one of the notes, the daughter of the patient wrote,” You saved my heart. My  Dad’s smile returned and we were able to leave the hospital for home.  I was so worried but you reassured me by every move (you did)…”

The sentiments expressed in these notes are  great reminders of how important the work that each of our associates does every day to positively impact the lives of those who need it most.  It means a lot to hear these things first hand from patients and their family members and through this blog I will continue to share the good news.

Have you seen or experienced compassionate care that left a great impression on you at Reston Hospital Center?  I’d like to hear your story by responding on the blog, or you can complete one of the STARS forms which can be found electronically online on our intranet and internet sites, or one of the STARS cards available throughout the hospital.  It only takes a few minutes and I know it means a lot to everyone to hear encouraging words.

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4 Responses to STARS — Caught in the Act

  1. Maureen E. Townsend says:

    Dominique, June and Ricky are individuals that I am lucky to call co-workers. The comments that Tim received are just a small example of what I experience every day with these individuals. They actually represent that the staff on PCU well. Even on the most busy days they will always have a smile on their faces, lend a helping hand and make sure that the patient’s needs are met. They make any situation workable.
    Maureen Townsend
    Director, PCU

  2. Debbie Simmons, CRA, RT(R) ( M) says:

    Barry Hopkins has worked in many different roles during his eleven years here at Reston,
    As Chef, Film Librarian, Patient Service Rep.,Technical Asst., and Transporter; Barry always serves from the heart. His focus is the patient. I received a letter from a recent patient that read…”His kind and caring demeanor and his thoroughly professional approach to his work have given me confidence each time that the procedure would be safe and successfully completed…he approaches his work with good cheer, systematic diligence, and attention to detail. This is what good health care should be”.

    Debbie Simmons
    Director, Imaging

  3. Alisa Rooney says:

    What a wonderful testament to the care that is provided for our patients. Kudos to all those mentioned as they exemplify what we should all be striving towards in our care of patients. As an 18 year employee here, I am constantly amazed and proud of the care I see being provided by so many throughout our building on a daily basis. I am happy and proud to tell everyone that I work at Reston Hospital!
    Alisa Rooney RN-BC
    Total Joint Coordinator

  4. Diane McFarland says:

    Nana Serwah truly is a shining star on the Medical Oncology unit. The compassion she provides to her patients and their families is evident by the numerous compliments she receives. She gives 110% of herself every shift she works and always not matter how busy she is takes the time to hold a patient’s hand or get them a warm blanket. Reston Hospital is very lucky to have such a wonderful nursing tech!
    Diane McFarland, MSN, RN-BC
    Director, Medical/Oncology

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