I am lucky. A guest post by Cindy Glover

Thirteen years after coming to Reston Hospital and I still can’t believe my luck.  To be the Chief Nursing Officer of a hospital of this caliber is a privilege.  Not only is my professional life a gift, but in my personal life I am even luckier.  I even bought a necklace last summer when I was out with my sister that says, “I AM LUCKY.”

A drawing of my "I Am Lucky" necklace...I didn't feel so lucky the next day. Today though, I know I am.

Ironically enough I found out I had breast cancer the very next day.  Now, let me say I have two sisters and a grandmother who also had breast cancer, so I felt pretty sure it would come at some point.  But you are still not ready – even as a nurse, you go blank on a lot of medical things that you are certain you should remember.  You picture yourself bald, getting fat on steroids, and throwing up.  (You don’t throw up, the drugs are great.)

Here is where you get the news you hoped you would never get…and where you are saved . . . right where you work.

It all starts at the Women’s Imaging Center.  Laurie Rudolph and Maria Fleury are quite the team.  They navigate you through the system, answer every question you have and offer up more support than you can imagine.  They pat your back while you are in some uncomfortable positions, and on top of it  they’re pretty hilarious.

After multiple MRIs, biopsies, and a surgery, you then head for the Infusion Center for the dreaded chemo. I have never seen a truer form of the art of nursing practiced. By this I mean the Infusion Center nurses are fortunate to not be burdened with the staffing grinds experienced on other nursing units, along with the often frantic pace associated with it.  These nurses are able to teach and heal the way they envisioned when they went into this profession.  Their compassion, along with their expertise, is unbelievable. Irene is my primary nurse and her quiet, gentle, and super smart ways are wonderful.  Pete and Catherine have also been there every time I go, and I have watched them treat patients in the same compassionate manner.  These nurses see a lot of sadness in this area, but always have a smile on their faces.  Under the direction of Sue Foy, the Infusion Center is a gift to Reston Hospital.

As I go into my last treatment next week, I still do feel lucky, but more so for the privilege I have had in meeting all of these people under these circumstances.  Unfortunately, many of our employees experience illness themselves or with a family member and have to be hospitalized here at Reston.  Anyone have an experience they would like to share? (By the way, have a wonderful holiday, you all deserve it!)

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17 Responses to I am lucky. A guest post by Cindy Glover

  1. Sandra Baron says:

    What a positive testamony Cindy – thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Sue Schwartz says:

    As awful as I know you feel, you have been so brave and made the whole hair-loss/bone pain/no sleep experience look much easier than I know it has been. And I completely agree with your assessment of our navigator nurses, both Maria and Laurie. They make the gravity of the situation not seem so dire. ONE more to go, then we are off to Cancun!!!

  3. Beth Campbell says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal story of recovery. We are “lucky” to have you as our friend, colleague and unfailing champion for nurses at Reston Hospital Center. With every treatment and intervention, you are one step closer to wellness.
    I hope this holiday season is filled with much joy and happiness with your family.

    • Kellie Mobley says:

      Your message on the blog is amazing! You look great and I am so proud of you. I cant imagine how hard it must be but you are always so positive and it makes me so proud to work at this facility

  4. Sara Short says:

    You have handled yourself with such grace and kept a great sense of humor though all of this, it’s amazing! Have a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy New Year!

  5. Kellie Mobley says:

    Your message on the blog is amazing! You look great and I am so proud of you. I cant imagine how hard it must be but you are always so positive and it makes me so proud to work at this facility

  6. Thadina Brozich says:

    Chemotherapy is never easy to give or receive. You have pushed through it and are on the road to recovery! You look wonderful and I hope it continues to go well for you! Keep up the faith and you will continue to be “lucky”!!! Enjoy your wonderful trip to Cancun!!! Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Health New Year!

  7. Mary Lou Bailey says:

    This encouraging message really hits close to my heart… I have had 2 close friends diagnosed within the year… I feel helpless in my efforts to offer comfort… but I do love deep and I love hard… a friendly face with listening ears and a gentle hug- not too tight…. that has been good medicine with my friends… since my kids are of the same age as one of my friend’s grandkids, they are great supports for them also…. just if even to get their minds off things for a short time atleast… One of my friends said they put her on Anti-depressants and she could not cry, even when she wanted too. She is so beautiful, inside and out… I have never wore sooooooooo much PINK in my life… but proudly wear it now… for support, honour, and a hope for a cure to all those Awesome ladies braving this diagnosis…. God Bless You, Cindy! Thank you, Tim… Thank you to the great staff that has helped Cindy!!!

  8. Nina Hobcroft says:

    In this season of gifts – you eloquently described the wonderful gifts given selflessly by the Reston team everyday! Your patient experience illustrates Reston’s spirit of caring and dedication to excellence that IS every patient and family’s experience. We are “lucky” and truly blessed to know you Cindy – I hope you feel our love around you every day.

  9. Gina Mitchell says:

    Your positive attitude and sense of humor are two things I love about you. Thanks for sharing them with us, along with your professional knowledge and personal insight. You have a big team of folks behind you!

  10. Lesley Channell says:

    Cindy, Your attitude about this has been inspirational. If you can come to work each day with a smile on your face, than so can the rest of us!

  11. jensterling says:

    Thank you for sharing this personal topic and your feelings here. It is wonderful for everyone to see and hear not only that Reston Hospital Center has such an amazing nursing staff… but also that they are led with such grace by you. I am inspired by your strength and hope to provide my own team with the supportive and appreciative leadership that you have shown to yours.

  12. Tim McManus says:

    I have never had the chance to reply on my own blog, but this one is too important to pass up. For those of you who might not get the opportunity to work with Cindy, she exemplifies the attitude of believing and living phenomenal healing. Despite how she feels that day, she comes to work ready to make a difference to her staff and to the broader organization. She is a perpetual optimist and it is clear that her mindset has not only made a difference to her own healing but also inspires others around her to take control of their own health by surrounding themselves with talented caregivers. I am so proud of her. I couldn’t ask for a better nursing leader for Reston. Tim McManus CEO

  13. Susan Foy says:

    You are beautiful inside and out! We are so fortunate to have such an amazing nursing leader and you are a true inspiration to us all! Thank you for sharing your journey through breast cancer and I am so proud of all our staff that have been with you along the way. They are all amazing, professional, highly knowledgable and compassionate nurses. They truly care about their patients!

  14. Fran Wohlgemuth says:


    Thank you so much for sharing such a personal and amazing story with all of us. I know that it has not been easy for you. Your love and unbelievable strength has inspired all of us. You look great and you will continue to do many great things here at Reston Hospital. We are so blessed to have you.

  15. theresanoe says:


    How selfless of you to share such a personal story. My mother died of breast cancer when she was only 56 years old, so, like you, I am expecting it to hit me one day as well. Reading about your experience was so giving and it warmed my heart. The world is a better place because of you. We need you and love you bunches!!!

    Take care

  16. Cyndee Hochstrasser says:

    Cindy – Reading your blog has been really powerfull! I am so proud to work for you! You are a great leader in so many ways and to lead while going through cancer treatment is especially amazing!

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