All for a good cause

When a budget meeting gets a bit heated, Ed and I like to take it outside

You are probably wondering why I am attempting to knock out our Chief Financial Officer Ed Stojakovich in this picture of us jousting.  First and foremost, it was a fundraiser challenge for the United Way and Hope Fund campaign – we are willing to take one for charity!  This year the campaign raised over $21,000. Secondly, it just feels good to let go of all the pent up frustration towards the guy who holds the purse strings.   Ed likes to remind me that I have an age advantage, but you’d be surprised how powerful he is for someone who qualifies for an AARP card.  I am pretty sure he competed against Bruce Jenner in the 1976 Olympic Games.  Consequently, I figure it was my one chance to knock some sense into him as we head into another challenging financial budget process.  We are in the middle of our fiscal planning for 2012 and without a doubt this is something I do not enjoy doing because there are so many worthy competing priorities.

The future of healthcare is becoming more challenging as Federal, State and managed care companies are continually trying to ratchet down reimbursement while operating expenses continue to rise every year.  For example, in Virginia, the average hospital is being reimbursed less than $0.68 cents for every $1.00 of real cost for treating Medicaid patients.  I thought it might helpful to share a few examples of the sheer scope of the budget.  In 2011 Reston Hospital Center will spend over $80 million on salaries and benefits. Consequently for every one percent raise given, it costs the hospital about $800,000. We will spend about $48 million just to buy supplies to provide all our services, $3.5 million on repairs and maintenance and $2 million on utilities.  The good news is that our patient volumes continue to grow thanks to the hard work each of you do to treat our patients.  During this prolonged national recession, Reston Hospital Center has seen growth in just about every service line.    This existing growth, along with the planned construction expansion with four new ORs and a new medical office building, position us well for the future.  What is it that you are most excited about in Reston Hospital’s future?

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2 Responses to All for a good cause

  1. Ed Stojakovich says:

    Wow, can you believe the trash talking from this whipper-snapper? How fair is it for a young fellow to beat up on a guy that knew Bruce Jenner before he was Kardashian? I mean……really!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Looks like you all had fun in the name of charity!

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