Reston is….

One of our 25th Anniversary activities involves letting employees, physicians, volunteers, patients and community members have an opportunity to share what Reston Hospital Center means to them by writing a message on a white board and letting us take their photo.

We unveiled the board at a luncheon that we held for our founding employees (employees who started at the hospital 25 years ago, and are still working here at Reston), and have brought it to several events since then. I know I’ve found inspiration in what people are writing, and other people are finding it as well.

Here are a few that I thought were pretty great.

"My home away from home." Founding employee, Debbie Simmons, our director of radiology.

"A great place to work!" From Sandra Barron. A fitting message from one of our recruiters!

"The best thing that ever happened to me in my nursing career." From Cindy Glover, our Chief Nursing Officer

If you had the Reston is whiteboard, what would you share?

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4 Responses to Reston is….

  1. Bill Bouie says:

    Reston Hospital Center is what community is all about, where everyone comes together to serve our wellness needs!!!

    Bill Bouie, a Well Served Board of Trustees, and Community Member

  2. Reston Hospital is an amazing community of people… an environment of true caring and healing. I am humbled to have been asked into this family.

  3. Dr Lisse says:

    Caring–sometimes not simple but certainly pure

  4. Alexis Long says:

    …at the center of the community.
    I’m a Reston resident, so I hear lots of stories about my friends’ and neighbors’ experiences here. People always comment on the short ER wait times and free massages in the maternity unit.
    Last week I spoke to my son’s 3rd grade class about how a hospital pharmacist uses the metric system every day. When I asked if anyone had ever been to the Reston hospital, about half the hands in the room shot up. Probably 1/3 of the kids were born here.

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