Reston Hospital Center Turns 25 this Week!

Can you believe it?  Reston Hospital Center is now 25 years old.  As many of you know, our origin dates back to Circle Terrace Hospital, a small hospital in Alexandria which was desperately in need of a replacement.  The new hospital was placed way out near Dulles Airport because that was where the expected growth was to come.  Clearly the prognosticators were right.  This year we will deliver more than 3,400 babies, treat more than 46,000 ER patients, operate on more than 10,000 patients, and admit more than 12,000 patients.  I believe we are just getting warmed up.  Our five-year master facility plan calls for us to add another 350,000 square feet to our building including four new ORs, 130+ beds, an expanded ER, a new combined ICU, an additional medical office building and so much more.  It is exciting to see the impact this organization has on the community, not only for excellent state-of-the art healthcare, but also as an economic engine.  During this challenging recession, Reston Hospital Center employs over 1,200 people, provides over $33 Million in uncompensated care and pays over $6.2M in taxes (the only hospital in Northern Virginia to pay taxes).

Dr. Z, our resident pancake chef, along with Earl one of our food and nutrition staff members.

Over the next year we are celebrating our anniversary in a number of ways.  This week, we had an old fashioned pancake breakfast for our employees.  This was a long-standing tradition dating back to when the hospital first opened.  If you look at the attached photo, you will see Dr. Walter Zolkiwsky, our vice president for Medical Affairs and former chairman of the board, flipping pancakes.  Who would have known he had a passion for the grill! I look forward to sharing some of our historical milestones in our hospital’s 25 years over the coming months.  Thank you all for making such a positive impact on so many lives.  What is your favorite memory of Reston?

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3 Responses to Reston Hospital Center Turns 25 this Week!

  1. Sara says:

    One of my favorite memories was looking out the window at the deer peacefully munching away in the fields surrounding the campus! Things have certainly changed since then….

  2. Cyndee Hochstrasser says:

    So many favorite memories- how to choose just one? Well, shortly after we opened, we buried a time capsule. Staff had the opportunity to leave notes, items to show the times etc. It was a big hit. The problem is we don’t know where we buried it!! I think it was outside of the original Administrative offices or near the flag pole… I’ve asked several “founders” if they remember where we buried it but noone I’ve talked to can remember. I doubt we had to call Miss Utility to get permission to dig – just another change 25 years makes! We had planned on digging the time capsule up after 25 years. If any of you remember where it was buried, please post!!

  3. Alexis Long says:

    My favorite memory was when my younger son was born here 5 yrs ago. I had such a good experience I ended up working here (in the pharmacy). His older brother was most impressed with the adjustable beds and the containers of ice cream that the nurses gave him. Every year on my younger son’s birthday I go up to L&D and get a couple containers of “hospital ice cream” which is a renowned delicacy in our house.

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