Halloween and pain?

Pain Scale Team. From left, Shelly Shaw, Katie Glockner, Frank Walter, Linda Hildebrand, Melissa Pugh, Devan Bowden, and Meggan Klippen in front.

It’s Halloween and once again I couldn’t think of one creative idea for a costume.  I promise, next year I will do better and surprise you all.  During my rounds today, I came across a group of nurses who really put thought into their costumes.  They decided to take pain to a whole new level and share with everyone what the new patient pain scale is all about.  We recently rolled out a modified and expanded pain scale to improve communication with patients on their current pain.  Controlling and managing pain is one of the top three drivers of patient satisfaction.  The ER team took this to heart and each of them – Shelly Shaw, Katie Glockner, Linda Hildebrand, Melissa Pugh, Devon Bowden, Meggan Klippen, and Frank Walter- is wearing a component of the pain scale on their back.  Just as a refresher, the pain scale is 0- 10.

  • Zero – no pain
  • 1-2 mild pain
  • 3-4 moderate pain- interferes with tasks
  • 5-6 moderate pain – interferes with concentration
  • 7-8 severe
  • 9-10 worst pain possible –bed rest required.

So next year I hope you will join me and get in the game.  We do serious business all day and sometimes bringing humor to a challenging time is just the right medicine.  For their creativity, the ER team won a cup of coffee at our very own Lentine’s coffee bar. Great job!

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3 Responses to Halloween and pain?

  1. Denise Sardo says:

    The ED Team really knows how to have fun. Not only did they coordinate their outfits to match their particular pain scale but they laughed and giggled all day long as the patients had some fun with them as well. The ED also continued the tradition of carving pumpkins and placing them lit outside the ED on Halloween. One lucky carver will win a prize. Good Luck to All!

  2. Dr Lisse says:

    Who says the ED isnt a happening place? Unfortunately they also wear the 9-10 sign when asked what it’s like to work with me. And it’s year round.

  3. Alisa Rooney says:

    I would like to commend the ER staff on their creativity and the work they put into creating their “costumes”. What a great way to spread the word about the pain scale too! It is always fun to see what is happening on other units in the hospital. Way to go ER staff and kudos to you Tim for recognizing their creative spirit and effort.

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