Phenomenal Healing

It is not uncommon to have one of our staff members share with me what compelled them to get into healthcare as a career.  There is almost always a personal story rooted in one of our core values – compassion.  Often when I talk to patients, they compliment the compassion shown to them by the Reston team during their health crisis.  What I realized long ago is that the work done within our four walls is really focused on the mission of compassionate healing.  Phenomenal healing is something that we are fortunate to see every day. The word ”phenomenal” has always struck a chord with me ever since I read Maya Angelou’s famous poem,  Phenomenal Woman.  In the context of healing, it really exudes great power in the patient’s hands.  Scientific studies consistently come to the conclusion that a patient’s attitude towards their sickness can either contribute or take away from the patient’s physical health.  With that premise in mind, it is incredibly important to me that at Reston Hospital Center we are focused on phenomenal healing ,which boils down to the philosophy or art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.  So, the advice I have for our patients who are going through challenging times can summed up in three key actions:

  1. When in doubt…When you are not sure of what they are saying, don’t stop – keep looking – keep pushing. Never neglect details.  When everyone’s mind is dulled or distracted, the phenomenal patient must be doubly vigilant.
  2.  When you know you need to make a change, don’t procrastinate – act.
  3. Put your best and most optimistic people (family / friends) on your biggest opportunities.    Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. The ripple effect of enthusiasm and optimism is awesome.  So is the impact of cynicism and pessimism.

Practicing these disciplines when trying to heal is what often moves patient outcomes from good to great.  Have you seen attitude make a difference in healing?

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3 Responses to Phenomenal Healing

  1. Sue Schwartz says:

    Your third point is absolutely right on. Act enthusiastic, be optimistic, not only as a patient but as a person. It is contaigous and healthier than negativity!

  2. Maliha Gillani says:

    I totally agree with your second point that when its time to change, dont procrastinate. In these changing times , there is not time to waste thinking too long, one should rather act. Loving your blogs…

  3. Buck Gastrell says:

    Very true on all three points. As a patient, or a family caregiver for a patient, I beleive in informed advocacy. Asking questions and understanding the answers is essential to “feeling good” about the course of action. As a knee replacement patient I wholeheartedly endorse your program of fully explained care and also the early “action” of trying out the new joint. Besides being the right medical approach I believe it is a confidence builder that alleviates unnecessary fear. Thanks for the thoughtful care.

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