Give me a shot!

Don't worry--getting your flu shot won't be anything like this dramatic reenactment.

You are probably like me and hate to get shots.  I always had the misperception that the people who gave the shot enjoyed the power they had for the brief moment.  Now I know this perception isn’t accurate, but the process of anticipating the discomfort is far worse than the actual discomfort.  In reality, getting a flu shot is one of the easiest things you can do to stay healthy.  Equally important, avoiding the flu reduces the chance of your loved ones and co-workers getting sick.

The shot is intended to cover the three most probable influenza strains each year.  The Center for Disease Control guidelines strongly recommend it for the young, those over 50, those with chronic conditions and healthcare workers.  This doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t seriously consider it. This brings me to a point.  I am proud of both Reston Hospital Center and all of the HCA hospitals across the country for taking a strong stance for our workforce.  We think reducing our patients’ chance of getting a hospital acquired infection is incredibly important.  Our hospital acquired infection rates are substantially below the national average and one of the ways that we do that is by requiring all of our employees to have the flu shot, or to wear a protective face mask in patient care areas.  This is an easy way that we can ensure that our team is focused on the healing process.  Preventing the flu amongst our workforce also ensures that we have the whole team on the job and ready to care for our patients.  If you haven’t had your flu shot, take a few minutes out of your day and get it done.  It can and will make a difference to you and your family.

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6 Responses to Give me a shot!

  1. Cyndee Hochstrasser says:

    LOVE it! All of the blogs are so personable and readable!! I have to admit I have never read a blog before, so yours were my first! LOL!

  2. Analena Michelle Valdes says:

    Nice picture…I hope Ken didn’t hurt you too much. From one blog writer to another…great! It shows people a softer side of you. The message you convey of education and practicing what you preach….it rocks!

    • Tim McManus says:

      Ken was very eager to pull out the extra large needle. I am pretty sure that was intended to restart someone’s heart versus give a flu shot. Take a closer look at the big grin. It was supposed to be a pose but he jabbed me anyway.

  3. Got my flu shot today =)

    Tim I just wanted to remind everyone that the:
    8th Annual Reston Interfaith Help the Homeless Community Walk will be THIS Sunday, Oct 23. The event will be held in conjunction with Festival on the Square, which takes place at Reston Heights – Sheraton & Westin Hotels. There be music and activities, so bring your family. Registration opens at 12 noon; welcome and program begins at 1:15pm and the Walk steps out at 1:30pm.

    Also I believe we still need 2 nurses to help with the RHC First Aid booth (hint hint)
    If you can help–please show up at noon to sign in at:
    The Westin Reston Heights
    11750 Sunrise Valley Drive
    Reston, VA 20191

    The first aid tent will be next to the Reston Interfaith Tent. Check in with them. They will also document your volunteer hours.
    Let’s show our community that we care =) This is the mini walk and also the prettiest one because it is in Reston (which is spectacular this time of year with the leaves changing color).
    You don’t have to walk to show your support.

  4. Al McNeil says:

    Man to Man, I will admitt that what I see is the truest expression of machoism. I Hope you did not forget to ask for your lollipop; Seriously.
    By the way, I want to be offered my lollipop before the procedure, not after. I don’t want to have to ask for it. Just offer it to me. It helps to save-face, right Tim?

  5. Sara says:

    As long as Ken isn’t the nurse giving me my flu shot with that needle…I’m good. What an outstanding role model you are Tim! Thanks for making it look so easy….

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