Girls’ Day Out

Aly Jacobs, Susan Sonley, and Cynthia de Lorenzi at Girls' Day Out. Aly served as the event emcee, Cynthia was our keynote speaker, and Susan's Komen Global Race team received the funds raised at Girls' Day Out--more than $7,000.

Today I’d like to take a moment and share an important educational outreach initiative focusing on women’s health.  This past weekend, the hospital’s Spirit of Women group welcomed more than 250 women to Girls’ Day Out at the Ritz Carlton.  This event is a great example of the type of outreach efforts that our Spirit program utilizes to bring positive health messages to the women in our community—through programs and events that you might not expect from a hospital, because they are fun. We use the concept of “health-u-tainment” with Spirit of Women.  I’ll admit, when this idea was first brought to me by our director of marketing, I thought that she’d made up a ridiculous sounding word for a concept that sounded a bit strange. Hospitals hosting events at places like the Ritz? Talking about how wine is good for your heart or suggesting date night ideas for new moms and dads? It seemed so different from the traditional approach to community outreach and events, but looking back, it makes total sense.

We live in a region full of active, intelligent, engaged women. In order to bring effective health information to the women of our community, we have to make it engaging and different.  It has to stand out. Our Spirit of Women program has allowed us to do just that.

I’d like to share a quote from an email that was received after the event. If I had any doubts about Spirit of Women or Girls’ Day Out, they are certainly gone after receiving an email like this one.

What a spectacular afternoon!!   Thank you for the wonderful program that Reston Hospital Center gave my daughter-in-law and me on Saturday….We were attracted to the substantive programs and excellent speakers, and signed up to attend.  However, we had no idea we would be such queens for a day (to borrow from an old-time TV show).  

By treating us so special, we left saying that we need to also treat ourselves special and make our health a priority!!   It is wonderful to know that Reston Hospital Center offers so many services that address women’s issues.”

Now granted, I’m a man and I know how men may not always relate – we can be dense sometimes, but even I see how the women in my life are able to put everything around them first. I have three children under the age of eight, and watching my wife, I’m astounded at how she can be so many things, not to mention everything else that she is involved with.  Spirit of Women programs give women the opportunity to pay a little attention to themselves, and their health, so that they can be everything to their families, co-workers and friends.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the event. I’d love to hear your feedback on your favorite part of the event, and what types of events you’d like to attend in the future.

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2 Responses to Girls’ Day Out

  1. Susan Foy says:

    It was an amazing event….so much energy and education! We all left empowered by the ” Spirit of Women” to take care of ourselves!

  2. Analena Michelle Valdes says:

    Not only was it an amazing day, but to meet some incredibly strong women was the best bonus. Speaking on Cardiovascular Health and the benefits of chocolate/red wine had a great turnout. I am pleased to say we have had a few ladies stop by the CVRU to say hello and check out what we do. Great job!!!

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