Taking patient care outside the box (and the hospital)

One of the benefits of being the CEO is that patient letters are often written directly to me.  These letters mean a lot as they document the story of the patient’s care from the patient’s perspective.  We are used to following their care from a clinical perspective but that doesn’t bring color to the viewpoint of the patient’s perception.  The stories they share are most often focused on the caregivers rather than the actual clinical care. We are a great hospital, not simply because of our cutting edge technology or building infrastructure but most importantly, because of the people.  The personal connection and continued compassion shown by so many of our team members are the things that inspire our patients, co-workers and physicians.

I want to share with you a recent story from one of these letters.  In my career I have gotten a lot of compliments about the care provided within our four walls.  This letter shares the story of care that occurred many miles away in a private home.  A woman was very pregnant and expecting to deliver any day.  I am sure she was prepared to go to a hospital when the time was right.  Unfortunately, the baby didn’t follow anyone else’s schedule and began to deliver too quickly for her to go the the hospital herself–or even for EMS to arrive.  Fortunately, a labor and delivery nurse, Patti Phillips lived nearby and rushed over to the house and personally delivered the baby 10 minutes before EMS arrived.  The patient wrote, “She gave us clear, concise directions, keeping the welfare of my baby and myself in the forefront of her actions.  We were amazed that she even had a labor and delivery kit with her!!! When Patti held our beautiful, pink, crying baby girl we were overtaken with emotions.  Despite the unconventional setting, Patti handled the situation with unbelievable professionalism and compassion…We are so thankful for her, her training and for her being home that night.”

Stories like that are continual reminders of the amazing talent surrounding us at Reston Hospital Center.  I look forward to regularly sharing my perspective and hearing your thoughts.

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2 Responses to Taking patient care outside the box (and the hospital)

  1. Sara Short says:

    Way to dive in to the blogosphere! Loved reading your first few installments and I wish you the best with this adventure. We all need a little inspiration now and then and this is going to be a great way for you to share your vision.
    I have to agree. We have some amazing people working here! If only we could hear more of their stories!

  2. Sarah Baxter says:

    Reading this amazing story about Patti did not surprise me at all. Patti is such a wonderful nurse and a great asset to our L&D unit.

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