A different way to communicate

So here goes…my first time blogging.  One of the biggest challenges I find in my role is trying to connect with all our employees, physicians, patients and the community at-large when we are a 24 hour/ 365 day operation. With more than 1,200 employees, 1,000 doctors and allied health professionals, and thousands of patients this task is especially difficult.  With that being said, I believe maintaining an interactive blog is good way to supplement the other more traditional channels of communication. Research on communication continually suggests that it takes seven times (often via different channels) for a messages to effectively sink in, so hopefully this blog will allow for two way communication, while also giving others the benefit of the dialogue.  I hope that you will regularly check in–not just to see what I’ve got to say–but share your own thoughts, stories and ideas.

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One Response to A different way to communicate

  1. Gail Rivera says:

    One of my best memories here in Reston was when I was awarded the “Dr. Frist Humanitarian” award. What made it even special was that my sister, Louise Franco, who used be a nurse in the surgical unit was also given the same award the year before.

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